CMC 64

Common name: Schoeps CMC 64

Production Status: In production

The CMC 64 is a small diaphragm cardioid all-purpose condenser microphone well suited for a wide range of applications. Its directivity is constant at all frequencies with a gentle rise at 10 kHz in order to compensate for height losses in space. The focus of the MK 4 cardioid capsule is about 1.7 times higher than that of an omnidirectional, so that direct sound can be recorded at greater distances from the sound source. The attenuation of the MK 4 is 6 dB at 90 degrees sound incidence, over 180 degrees it ranges from 20 to 30 dB. Diffuse sound is picked up 4.8 dB quieter compared to direct on axis sounds. It is ideal for both music and voice recordings in the studio and on the stage as a support microphone and in M/S and XY stereo setups. The microphone amplifier CMC 6 U and the capsule MK 4 form part of a modular microphone which permits the insertion of RC tubes or KC cables as well as other electronically active accessories between capsule and amplifier allowing for miniaturisation. The CMC 6U Amplifier offers a symmetrical, transformer-less, direct-coupled Class A output stage with low impedance, distortion, and interference. It is designed for standard 48 and 12 V phantom powering. Its circuitry recognises the supply voltage and adjusts itself automatically. Includes wooden box, SG 20 stand mount clamp and B 5 D windscreen. The MK 4 capsule is also used for the Schoeps ORTF stereo microphone MSTC 64 U. The CMC 64 is also available as the compact condenser microphone CCM 4. Matched pairs are available although normal production tolerances are very close. Custom colours are available on request.

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency Response
40Hz - 20 kHz
Output Sensitivity
15 mV/Pa
Self Noise (CCIR)
24 dB
Self Noise (DIN/IEC)
15 dB-A
Output Impedance
Recommended Load
Phantom 12-48
Supply Current
4 mA
Alternative Powering

Switchable Options

20 Hz, 12 dB/oct.

Physical Characteristics

Connector notes
Available Colours
Matte Grey. Nickel. Chromagreen.
102 g
137 mm
Min diameter width
Max diameter
20 mm


Wooden box. SG 20 stand clamp. B 5 D windscreen.
RC set Singer. RC set Violin. RC. R 2 C KC. B 1 D foam pop screen. B 5 D foam pop screen. W 5 wind screen. BBG windshield. W 20 windscreen basket. W 20 R1 windscreen basket with fur. B 20 speech guard. KC active insertion cable. Cut 60 low-cut filter. Pad 10/20 C attenuator. GVC capsule swivel.