KM 131

Common name: Neumann KM 131

Production Status: Discontinued / Vintage

In 1988 Georg Neumann GmbH developed an innovative modular microphone system, taking advantage long time brand’s expertise in professional microphone requirements. The KM 100 modular system consists of seven small diaphragm, highly specialized, capsules coupled to an output stage. The system is designed with every kind of electrical and mechanical accessories, to cover all necessities, not just for broadcasting, TV productions or recording, but covering all applications in which one or more microphones could be used. The high versatility of the system is also budget-saving. It is not necessary to purchase a new complete microphone for any arising necessity, as the system can be expanded with new capsules or accessories. The capsules of the system are active so they can be coupled to the output transformer-less stage and drive long cables without quality degradation.

The KM 100 output stage has a tubular shape, and the diameter and size are the same as an XLR connector so it can be plugged directly into a mixing console providing phantom powering (length of cable is 60 mm). When necessary they can be powered through dedicated phantom PSUs. A special filtered output stage was available (KM 100 F), it has a fixed 80 Hz 6 dB/octave slope or switched 120 Hz 12 dB/octave slope, a flat response not available (length of cable is 126 mm). Each active capsule coupled to the standard output stage is specifically named, so it can be ordered to form a complete microphone ready to be used. The KM 131 consists of the AK 31 capsule with the KM 100 output stage. The AK 31 is a free field equalized omnidirectional transducer suitable as a spot microphone or close-miking of instruments when it isn’t necessary to attenuate extraneous noises.

Main accessories for the KM 100 series modular systems are: SBK 130 Sound Diffraction Sphere – KVF 118 KA capsule extension with 300 mm gooseneck – KVF 158 KA capsule extension with 700 mm gooseneck – KVF 148 KA capsule extension with double 300 mm gooseneck – SG 100 swivel mount for KVF – MNV 100 auditorium hanger with clamp for AK capsules – DS 21 parallel double mount – DS 110 cross adjustable double mount – EA 2124 A elastic suspension – SMK 100 KA 160 mm gooseneck with cable – SMK 100-2 KA double 160 mm gooseneck with cable – STH 100 stereo mount for AK capsules – DA-AK elastic suspension for two AK capsules – LC 3 KA 5m cable for AK capsule output stage coupling – LC 3 KA 10m cable for AK capsule output stage coupling.

The KM 100 system was discontinued in 2015.

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency Response
20Hz - 20 kHz
Output Sensitivity
12 mV/Pa
Self Noise (CCIR)
25 dB
Self Noise (DIN/IEC)
16 dB-A
Output Impedance
Recommended Load
Phantom 48 only
Supply Current
2 mA
Alternative Powering

Switchable Options


Physical Characteristics

Connector notes
Available Colours
80 g
92 mm
Min diameter width
22 mm
Max diameter


SG21/17 mt stand mount swivel, WNS100 windscreen, wooden box